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Internal Family Systems

(Adopted from the IFS Institute)

  • IFS assumes that the nature of the mind is divided into parts that all of us have.
  • Everyone has a “Self,” and the Self can and should lead our internal system of parts. This Self has many natural qualities, such as kindness, compassion, curiosity, clarity, and love.
  • The non-extreme intention of every part of us has a positive function. There are no “bad parts,” and the goal is to help our polarized and extreme parts find their non-extreme roles.
  • Parts can become extreme, polarized, and burdened through traumas and adversities over time.
  • Therapy goals include learning how to navigate dialogues with different parts, helping them become less extreme, and more helpful to the whole system. The goal is also to learn to differentiate the Self from the rest of these parts, as these parts sometimes overtake the system and run the show on their own.

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