• Philadelphia Center for Psychotherapy

    Your Emotional Wellbeing Starts Here

    Welcome to the Philadelphia Center for Psychotherapy (PCP)

    You are taking the first steps toward healing and emotional wellbeing right now, and that is something worth celebrating! You are one step closer to being on a self-exploration journey that can help you better understand yourself, learn how to change the things in your life that are keeping you stuck, and learn how to accept the things that are not within your control.

    At PCP, we know that it may have taken some effort for you to be here, and we are happy to find you the help that you need with this journey, and make it a meaningful experience. Our goal is not just to help you get unstuck, but also to flourish and live a fulfilling life. This includes working on things like anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, ADHD, and more. 

    About Dr. Hider Shaaban, Psy.D.

    I’m a Clinical Psychologist located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I think therapy is a very unique space, and to be able to witness the vulnerability and the depth of conversation that are had in this space, is something I find very special and valuable, and it drives me to love this profession.

    About Marlyn Mooney, MSS, LSW

    I’m a psychotherapist and a social worker who practices therapy through an integrative and trauma-informed lens, incorporating psychodynamics, CBT, and mindfulness, in order to tailor the treatment into a style that fits for you, and in-pace with where you are at in your process of healing and growth.