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Psychodynamic Therapy

  • The main purpose of dynamic therapy is to explore your deep-seated needs, urges, and desires, which are often the cause of many of the symptoms that you may experience on the surface.
  • Understanding various areas and timelines of your life, including childhood, where most of learn the things we know as adults, is crucial to psychodynamic therapy.
  • The premise of this therapy is to bring into our consciousness some patterns that we are operating within, but are not aware of.
  • Once we are aware of these patterns, we can learn how to change them, and ultimately, finding a corrective experience that allows us to heal from our past adversities that may have led us to get stuck in our unhelpful patterns.
  • The job of the therapist in this type of therapy is to provide you with a safe space where it feels comfortable to explore parts of yourself that you have not explored before, and to bring into your attention some of these patterns that may be leading you to feel the feelings that had originally brought you into therapy.

If you like this approach and would like to hear more about how it might help you, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us.